1 Of 10 babies is born premature - like Paul


 Providing high quality care for a preterm baby is a uniquely complex and time-sensitive process
which is extremely challenging for inter-professional neonatal healthcare teams. Although preterm birth remains the most common cause of death among infants, preemies weighing only 500 to 1,000 grams can survive as healthy babies when cared for by highly trained healthcare professionals. 
Yet how can these professionals effectively learn life-saving procedures during such delicate critical care emergencies? Simulation is quickly becoming the modern way to educate and train healthcare professionals 
because it allows for the safe high-stakes practice of behavioral, cognitive and technical skills. 

Previously, such realistic technology had been impossible in the small body of a 27-week-old infant.


“Our mission at SIMCharacters is to improve the quality of care for critically ill preterm and newborn babies by advancing the realism and effectiveness of training simulators.”
Jens-Christian Schwindt
Neonatologist and SIMCharacters CEO

Moving beyond high fidelity to high emotion

Determined to improve the outcomes of more than 15 million preterm births a year, Neonatologist Dr. Jens Schwindt founded SIMCharacters in 2012. With Paul, SIMCharacters is taking the next step in the future of medical simulation. 
Paul was designed by an incredible team of leading experts in neonatology, education, simulation, engineering, software development, and movie special effects – all of whom shared the same goal of creating a premature simulator so realistic that it went beyond high fidelity to High Emotion. 
The SIMCharacters team knows that creating High Emotion Simulation requires understanding and empathy with the teams, families, and programs caring tirelessly for preterm newborns.


Julie's Story

Some things in life don’t work out as planned or expected…
In the 25th week Sigrid´s waters broke during the night and Sigrid´s and Armin´s daughter July
had to be delivered via Caesarean section - 15 weeks too early.
July is one of 15 Million babies born premature worldwide every year.
Today she is a completely healthy girl. Listen to her story…