Meet Pauls' Team

Paul has many parents: Jens-Christian Schwindt and Michael Hoffmann have assembled a highly motivated interdisciplinary team of engineers, hardware and software developers, SFX artists and designers, neonatal nurse practitioners and neonatologists to develop the world’s most advanced high-end preterm simulator.

Dr. Jens-Chr. Schwindt

Founder & CEO

Michael Hoffmann

Head of Finance & Business Development

Elentári Tanja Nepomucky

Head of SFX & Product Design

Michael Haller, MSc

Head of Research & Development

Hadar Porges

Back Office & Logistics

Ines Obwegeser

Office Management

Ursula Holzschuh

Conference Management

Axana Hellmann

Research Assistant & Back Office

Bernhard Ehn

Embedded Systems Engineer

Sara Ziegelbecker

Software Engineer

Christina-Maria Köck

Software Engineer

Dominik Dungl

Software Engineer

Salvatore Angemi

Production and Quality Management

Hannes Brandstätter

Hardware Design

Lukas Schrenk

Software Engineer

Andreas Sturl

Software Engineer

Thomas Schneider

Product Design

Elfriede Philipp

SFX - Artist

Kerstin Petrzelka

SFX - Artist

Stefan Krutcky

Product Design

Martin Jessie


Andrea Bachmann


Chrischona Lacson-Buenaflor

NICU Nurse

Sabine Fürst


Nina Linduska

Eva Schwindt


Ing. Ewald Unger

Research & Development Consultant

Andreas Kaya-Fill

GUI Development & Design

Christoph Kunzmann

Special Effects Consultant


How safe is modern medicine today?

Together with his team, Jens´ has spent
as a consultant in neonatology many years treating children
in life-threatening situations, particularly premature babies.
One night shift changed his life forever…

Hear Jens´ TEDx talk about how important
simulation training is in modern medicine...

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